NSA’s Anne Neuberger to talk cybersecurity at Disrupt 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Anne Neuberger, director of cybersecurity at the National Security Agency, will join us at Disrupt 2020 from September 14-18.

The headlines are not always kind to the government agencies that work in secret, and the NSA is no exception. Leaks have exposed some of the agency’s most clandestine intelligence-gathering operations. But the important role of the spy agency in securing the nation’s cybersecurity defenses can go overlooked.

Neuberger took the helm at the NSA’s newly created Cybersecurity Directorate a year ago as part of the agency’s renewed effort to disrupt foreign adversaries and help Americans stay secure. She previously served as the NSA’s first chief risk officer.

As much of the NSA works in secret by collecting intelligence on foreign adversaries and disrupting threats to the U.S. homeland, Neuberger’s division works on the defensive side. It’s there that the NSA has unique insight into some of the biggest threats that the public and private sectors face, and uses that information to help protect the nation’s most critical infrastructure and systems from disruption.

In the past year since the directorate was launched, the NSA called out nation-state hackers, warned of new strains of disruptive malware and advised on how to patch or mitigate major vulnerabilities. Or, in other words, getting unclassified but actionable information to the network defenders who need it.

At Disrupt 2020 (September 14-18), we’ll hear from Neuberger how the agency is balancing spycraft and intelligence gathering with defensive cybersecurity. Get a front-row seat with your Digital Pro Pass for just $245 during our Labor Day Flash Sale or with a Digital Startup Alley Exhibitor Package. Prices increase next week, so grab your tickets today!

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Java 15 release with developer productivity enhancements

Java 15, the first Java release following the language’s 25th anniversary in May, is now generally available, with new features and capabilities as well as modernizations to existing code. 

“For 25 years now we have been able to maintain Java’s virtues over time,” said Chad Arimura, VP of developer relations for the Java Platform Group at Oracle. “These virtues act as the North Star for Java to help guide everything we do, which has been part of the reason Java has been so successful for a quarter century now. Back in May we had the 25th birthday celebration and we are going to continue to celebrate all year long with the theme called ‘Moved by Java,’ which kind of celebrates how the world has been moved forward with Java.”

Java 15 also introduces preview features that are now finalized and incubating features. New features include:

Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA), which improves security and performance of Java by utilizing cryptographic signatures using EdDSA.
Hidden Classes, which improve how Java works with frameworks that generate classes at run time.

Preview features that have now been finalized include:

Text Blocks, which adds multi-line string literals and automatically formats strings in a predictable way. Text Blocks was a preview feature in Java 13 and 14.
ZGC, which is a garbage collector that was introduced as an experimental feature in Java 11.

New incubating and preview features include: 

Sealed Classes, which restrict which other classes can extend or implement them. According to Oracle, this feature will help boost developer productivity. 
Pattern matching for instanceof, eliminates the need for boilerplate code. It should allow for more concise, type-safe code, Oracle explained.
Records, which provide a compact syntax for declaring classes that hold immutable data.
Foreign-Memory Access API, which defines an API to allow Java programs to safely and efficiently access foreign memory outside of the Java heap.

In addition, existing code has been modernized in this release. Oracle reimplemented the Legacy Datagram Socket and MulticastSocket APIs, which improves the maintainability and stability of the JDK. It replaces the underlying implementations for and APIs with more modern implementations.

Finally, in this release a few features are being deprecated, and previously deprecated features are being removed. Biased Locking and RMI Activation are both being deprecated, and deprecated features Nashorn JavaScript Engine and the Solaris and Sparc ports are being removed.

“As Java celebrates its 25th birthday, we continue to make technical investments that drive Java innovation forward and help address the rapidly changing technology landscape,” said Georges Saab, vice president of development, Java Platform Group, Oracle. “The availability of Java 15 and the incremental innovation that comes with the shift to a six-month release cadence gives the Java community the tools they require to build modern applications that move our world forward.”

Introducing Tribuo, a machine learning library for Java
Another new addition to the Java ecosystem is Tribuo, which is a machine learning library for Java. It was created under Oracle Labs’ Machine Learning Research Group and it is being released as an open-source project under the Apache 2.0 license. 

Oracle Labs noticed that there was a crucial gap between the expectations of enterprise systems and the features provided by most machine learning libraries. “We feel like there’s kind of a missing place in the Java ecosystem for machine learning libraries. There’s not really a good one that does the kind of things that Tribuo does, which is why we had to write it. We’re hoping that the community will find it useful,” said Adam Pocock, principal member of technical staff at Oracle Labs. 

One of the challenges with machine learning that Tribuo hopes to solve is that it can be difficult to track models in production because that requires external systems to maintain a link between a deployed model and the training data. While this burden usually falls on the teams that incorporate ML libraries, Oracle Labs embedded this functionality into Tribuo.

Another reason for creating Tribuo is that most popular machine learning libraries are written in dynamically typed languages like Python and R, but most enterprise systems are written in statically typed languages, like Java. Because of this, implementing machine learning components often requires significant code maintenance and system overhead.

Tribuo provides the standard features that would be expected from a machine learning library, such as classification, clustering, anomaly detection, and regression algorithms. It also features data loading pipelines, text processing pipelines, and feature-level transformations for operating on data once it has been loaded in, Oracle Labs explained.

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Features Better Than Youtube – Valuable Channel Names Still Available

One Guru’s Failure Becomes Another’s Success

Have you ever bought into something that didn’t work or did not live up to your expectations?

If you are like me, I am sure you have.

Back in 2011 I bought into a brand new site that showed a lot of promise. That site was called “uQast”.

Hoping to be on the ground floor of something big, I invested over $4,000 into the site only to later have it fall apart.

This was mainly due to the founder not being able to overcome several technical programming issues with the site.

The uQast platform was incredible, it was a highly advanced platform that had a vision to address a lot of the problems with Youtube.

Unfortunatly for me, the founder ran out of money before it really got off the ground and he could no longer continue development.

Bottomline, I lost all of my investment and as a result will never trust that guru again.

The sad part is his dream which was a great idea, was lost…

Now my bad luck has come full circle. You see, in 2011 when I had invested in the uQast platform, I secured several high value names that I would have exclusive rights to.

If the founder had been able to complete the platform, I am sure those channel names would have been worth more than my intial investment. Again, that didn’t happen…so it’s time to move on.

Well here comes the good part..

A week ago a brand new platform was launched that has all of the advanced features that uQast invisioned without the problems.

Here are just a few:

  • You Can Sell Your Products Directly From The Platform
  • You Can Make Money My Charging For Phone Calls Directly From The Platform
  • You Can Make Money When Your Partners Make Sales Through The Platform
  • You Can Receive Tips From Sharing Valuable Content On The Platform

Not only that, it’s already fully developed and they have managed to simplify the platform so it’s also easier to use.

Now here is the best part..

All of those advanced features cost pennies compared to what I had paid for it back then and at 50 times more the opportunity.

You see back then I had to pay for the channel name and it cost me a lot (about 1k per channel name). I also bought several names in hopes it took off. Can you picture owning the top channel on Youtube for weight loss or make money online?

Here is the example of what I mean:


How much do you think those channels would be worth with a little effort?

Well that same opportunity is before you now.

Picture if Youtube allowed you to take payments right on the Youtube platform or even sell your products directly on the channel.

I hope you are beginning to see the power of what I am try to explain. I am really just scratching the surface of what this new platform can do.

You really just need to check it out so you will understand the power built into this platform. Just don’t look at it and then click away.

I really hope you will dive into the features this platfrom has to offer so you will understand just how advanced and more powerful than Youtube this platform really is.

The name of the platform is called EyeSlick.

You can check it out here:

Now, this opportunity get even better, and those that have already bought in don’t even realize it yet. That’s where this is going to benefit you.

Right now you can get up to 50 channel names for less than $50. You can also purchase the upsell for even more power.. all features are explained on the site, but again 50 channel names for less than $50.

Others are starting to catch on and create their channel names.

You can join it here for a limited time and get 25 channel invites plus 25 bonus channel invites for less than $50.

Just so you know..

I did get the weightloss and make money online channel names. However, there are so many valuable niches that are not taken yet. So, move quickly….

Don’t wait while the others are securing their new channel names. You will miss out if you don’t hurry. The secret is… once you get in, you need to change your auto generated channel name to something of value that is still available. You can only change it once so pick wisely.

So here is a no brainer offer for you…

If you get in using my link, and send me a copy of your receipt, I will give you one of my 100 license keys for funnel joy funnel building platform as a bonus. All you need to do is e-mail me at so I can verfiy your purchase.

Hope to see you on EyeSlick soon 🙂

Eric Sullivan

What are you waiting for?

Go now and get those channel names!!


Facebook Ads Explained 2019 – Part 1

Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the entire internet. It is also the number one social networking site in the world. People from all corners of the globe visit Facebook and interact with others while using it. No one should be surprised that such a platform is also a great way to reach potential customers. Some businesses spend their entire advertising budget on Facebook ads, and they have great success. Here we’re going to help you understand what Facebook ads are and how to use them.

Why Facebook ads are so successful.

The only company that knows more about your online behavior than Facebook is Google. Some say Facebook knows more about you than Google does. Facebook knows everything about you. Facebook knows what your favorite type of music is, your favorite restaurants, and who you spend the most time talking to. They also know all of this information about the people you talk to regularly. All of this information allows them to come up with a pretty good idea about who you are. Along with all that, you give Facebook quite a bit of information voluntarily as well. You like and follow several people and brands. All of this is information that they use to paint a picture of who you are.

Have you ever seen those little Facebook share buttons on sites?

Share Button

Those buttons are also tracking your web browsing outside of Facebook. It’s just another piece of the puzzle when it comes to the amount of information Facebook has about you. They know about your behavior outside of their site as well as what you’re doing on it. Facebook has a pretty good idea of what each of their users likes, dislikes, and where they spend their time online. It’s a vast amount of information that they collect on people all the time.

None of this is meant to scare you.

Scare - Facebook ads

You probably already know that Facebook is collecting all kinds of information about its users. This meant to show you that it’s possible to target the exact type of customer who is interested in what you have to offer them. You see, Facebook collects all of this information to make buying advertising on their site more attractive to advertisers. Facebook knows that it’s vital to marketers that they’re able to reach the exact audience their offer is suited for. Facebook can pinpoint the correct person your offer is best for because they have all the information required. This is a marketer’s dream come true since they can target a particular group of people who are interested in what they’re selling.

It’s all about putting your ad in front of the perfect person.

Que of people - Facebook Ads

Hopefully, now you can see why Facebook collects this information. Also, you can probably see where this is going. You have something you want to sell someone. The goal is to reach the best possible person who will react to your ads. That’s exactly what all of this is about. It’s about you putting an advertisement in front of someone who is most likely to react to it. That is Facebook marketing in a nutshell. You whittle down the perfect buyer until you know exactly who they are. Once you’ve figured out who that person is, then it’s time to show them advertising.

Do market research before considering placing an ad.

Market Research

This is probably the one area where people fail the most. It’s not uncommon for online marketers to spend more time thinking about the process of marketing than the people who they are trying to reach. There is a learning curve involved when it comes to using an advertising platform and creating an advertisement. Too often, people spend all of their energy trying to figure out how all of this stuff works and not who their ideal customer is. If there is one reason why most marketers fail, that’s it right there. They haven’t done the homework to determine who is going to buy what they’re selling.

Research and find the perfect customer for your offer.

perfect customer

For some of you, this is going to come as second nature. You live, sleep, and eat your niche. While for others, it’s going to take a little bit more research. The first things you’re going to want to ask yourself is how old is the ideal customer? You’ll also want to consider sex, race, and income level. All of these things are an essential part of your marketing plan. If you’re going to be successful, then you’ve got to target the exact customer out of millions of people.

Don’t forget to zero in on their interests.

Interests - Facebook

Facebook also allows you to market to people who have specific interests. Does your ideal customer watch a certain television show or listen to a particular style of music? It’s possible to target those who have a specific interest that is related to your niche. You need to consider all of the things your potential customers are interested in. It’s possible to discover an untapped area that people aren’t exploiting yet. If you can find such a demographic, the reward for your efforts will be pretty sweet.

It’s all about putting your ad in front of the person who’s going to react to it.

Facebook engagement

Up until this point, you may have been wondering what’s the purpose of all of this. Why do you care if your ads are shown to such a small number of people and not the broad general audience that Facebook has? The reason you want to be as specific as possible is that you want your ad shown to only those people who are interested in it. That makes sense. Doesn’t it? Why would you want your funny T-shirt about golfing to be shown to someone who has zero interest in golf? You want your ads only to be seen by those people who have a direct interest in what you’re selling.

Facebook ads are built to convert.

FB ads convert

It’s all about conversions in the end. Facebook fully understands you’re not going to buy ads on their site if the traffic doesn’t convert. The reason why Facebook ads convert so great is that you’re able to target a very specific audience. You can’t be too ultra-niche when it comes to your traffic purchases. You want to show your ads to only those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer them. It doesn’t make sense to show men products geared towards pregnant women. The end goal is always to achieve the highest amount of conversions possible. The way you do that is by showing the person precisely what they want.

You will have to split test your ads.

Split test

What is split testing? This is the method that you use to find out which ad works the best. You will find that some ads convert better than others. No one makes a high converting ad on their first attempt. You may be surprised to find out that seasoned internet marketers split test their ads. It’s not possible to know right out of the gate if an ad is going to work. Sometimes people respond better to different colors, sales copy, or even the music in a video. You will be surprised by how little tweaks can have a significant impact on your conversions. You should never run an ad without split testing it to see what is the most effective.

Don’t forget to split test your landing pages as well.

AB testing

It’s not just enough to split test your ads. You’ve also got to split test the landing pages as well. No one creates a high converting landing page right from the start. You want to keep tweaking it until you’ve got it perfected. It’s going to take some time to learn what people in your niche react to the most when they land on a page. Sometimes it can be surprising to learn that what you think will work doesn’t. It takes quite a bit of trial and error to create the right page that makes the person react in the way you want them to.

Continually tweak your ads and landing pages.


You can never be happy with your conversion rate. Always try to squeeze as much profit as you can from your ads. There are no such things as over-optimizing your advertising. It’s all about you making the most profit possible with the amount of money you have. You also need to realize that the more money you make, that means you can buy more ads. Your ability to move forward will be dependent on how successful your ads are. If you want to make it big, then you’ve got to never settle for second best.

Thank you for reading this presentation. Click below for Facebook Ads Explained 2019 – Part 2 to read the rest of the report. Thanks again.


Chief CEO Carolyn Childers, CEO Jerry Colona, Ureeka co-founder Melissa Bradley are coming to Disrupt 2020

Becoming a successful leader isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. Each startup — depending on the industry and internal culture — has its own needs.

The hard part is figuring out what leadership style best suits the personality of the CEO or founder as well as the needs and culture of their startup and employees who work there.

This year at TechCrunch’s virtual Disrupt 2020 on September 14-18, we’ll talk to the people who with the expertise and insight to help startup founders and other C-suite level executives — as well as those who someday hope to be in that spot — find the right leadership style for their business. We’re excited to announced that joining us on the Extra Crunch stage to discuss leadership styles is Carolyn Childers, co-founder and CEO of women leadership network Chief, Melissa Bradley co-founder of SMB networking platform Ureeka and Jerry Colonna, co-founder and CEO of executive coaching firm

The three speakers will dig into what makes a successful leader and how to find the right management style as well as tackle other challenges that founders, CEOs and other executives face while building a company.

Bradley’s company Ureeka gives small business access to the expertise needed to grow their business. She is also founder and managing partner of 1863 Ventures, a business development program, and serves as advisor to the New Voices Foundation and New Voices Fund, as well as the Halcyon Fund. Bradley is the former Co-Chair, National Advisory Council for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and was recently named one of The Most Entrepreneurial Women Investors in 2018.

Chief, which Childers and partner Lindsay Kaplan launched in January 2019, is a private network to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there. The organization is designed for senior women leaders. Prior to founding Chief, Childers was senior vice president of operations at Handy, led the launch of the site (Quidsi) and acted as its GM through its acquisition by Amazon. Childers’ work landed her on Inc.’s 2019 Female Founders 100 List.

Colonna’s company specializes in executive coaching and leadership development. Colonna, who has experience as an executive, venture capitalist, journalist and board member, is also the author of ‘REBOOT: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up.’

You may have heard that we’re taking Disrupt virtual this year, a move that lets us make the event accessible to more people than ever before while keeping everyone safe. Disrupt 2020 is scheduled to run from September 14 through September 19. Buy the Disrupt Digital Pro Pass or a Digital Startup Alley Exhibitor Package today and get access to all the interviews on our main Disrupt stage, workshops over on the Extra Crunch Stage where you can get actionable tips as well as CrunchMatch, our free, AI-powered networking platform. As soon as you register for Disrupt, you will have access to CrunchMatch and can start connecting with people now. Use the tool to schedule one-on-one video calls with potential customers and investors or to recruit and interview prospective employees.

We’ll see you there!

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} )();

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.NET 5 release approaches, eliminating .NET Standard, Core, and Framework

Last year Microsoft announced that with the release of .NET 5, a number of .NET products would be consolidated into a single .NET release. This includes .NET Core, .NET Framework, and .NET Standard. 

.NET 5 is expected to release in November, and as that date nears, the company has now revealed more information about what the changes mean for .NET Standard. 

As of .NET 5, the company won’t release a new version of .NET Standard, but future versions will continue supporting .NET Standard 2.1 and earlier. Microsoft encourages developers to think of .NET 5 and future versions as the foundation for sharing code from now on. 

RELATED CONTENT: .NET 5 merges .NET Core and .NET Framework into one solution

“My expectation is that widely used libraries will end up multi-targeting for both .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET 5: supporting .NET Standard 2.0 gives you the most reach while supporting .NET 5 ensures you can leverage the latest platform features for customers that are already on .NET 5,” Immo Landwerth, program manager for .NET at Microsoft, wrote in a post

According to Landwerth, while .NET Standard made it easier to create libraries that work on .NET platform, it had three main issues.

First, .NET Standard versioned slowly, resulting in developers not being able to easily use the latest features.

Second, it requires a decoder ring in order to map versions to .NET implementations. This is because the API set and implementations are shipped separately. “We can’t solve this problem without truly merging some rectangles in our layer diagram, which is what .NET 5 does: it provides a unified implementation where all parties build on the same foundation and thus get the same API shape and version number,” Landwerth wrote. 

Third, .NET Standard exposes platform-specific features. This means that developers can’t statically validate if their code is actually portable or not. “Many of you have complained that these kind of APIs feel like “landmines” – the code compiles without errors and thus appears to being portable to any platform, but when running on a platform that doesn’t have an implementation for the given API, you get runtime errors,” Landwerth wrote. “Starting with .NET 5, we’re shipping analyzers and code fixers with the SDK that are on by default. This includes the platform compatibility analyzer that detects unintentional use of APIs that aren’t supported on the platforms you intend to run on.”

Moving forward, .NET will serve as a single code base to support desktop apps, mobile apps, cloud services, websites, and environments. 

.NET 5 is expected to ship in November 2020, and .NET 6 is planned for November 2021 and will be a LTS version. 

“Since there is no difference between the standard and its implementation, you’ll be able to take advantage of new features much quicker than with .NET Standard. And due to the naming convention, you’ll be able to easily tell who can consume a given library — without having to consult the .NET Standard version table. While .NET Standard 2.1 will be the last version of .NET Standard, .NET 5 and all future versions will continue to support .NET Standard 2.1 and earlier. You should think of net5.0 (and future versions) as the foundation for sharing code moving forward,” Landwerth added. 

The post .NET 5 release approaches, eliminating .NET Standard, Core, and Framework appeared first on SD Times.

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Commission Hero Review


Commission Hero Review Getting Real Commissions

How would you prefer to wake up every morning, log in your bank accounts and see tens of thousands of dollars sitting out there?

How would you prefer to have peace of mind knowing that each bill that comes in you can cover? And how do you prefer to eventually be in a position to do anything you want, whenever you desire?

Imagine if I were to inform you it’s honestly not that difficult to do and could occur in the next 30 days?

Allow me to inform you… there is NO greater feeling in the entire world than the sensation of earning revenue 24/7 online WHILE just ”working” a couple of hours every day.

It is the sensation of financial freedom and success understanding I could travel, play golf or do anything I would like and that I make money every day always.

Actually, I have been fortunate to get this feeling for the previous five years as a superb affiliate earning thousands daily online. I have done so nicely that only recently I was given as the #1 ClickBank Affiliate on earth!

Last year, Robby Blanchard managed to assist over 1973 individuals from all around the world make thousands online with this exact same system.

Now it his assignment this season in 2020 to assist even people like you to attain exactly the identical sort of success and independence I’ve seen people lucky enough to encounter.

Commission Hero Review – Partner with the Best!

That is why I wanted to discuss with you the exact same 3 step system Robby Blanchard uses so you may see your bank account increase accordingly FAST with affiliate commissions, which you are going to have the ability to say SCREW IT to the 9-to-5 and also have TRUE fiscal freedom.

Boost your bank accounts, earn money while you’re in the supermarket, at the rear of an UBER, and while you are sitting on the sofa.

Cease trying to over-complicate earning money on the internet with absurd applications or making your own product and website. Rather…

Learn to make a daily money machine with the ability of the three-step system even in the event that you’ve got zero internet experience.

I feel one of the BEST & EASIEST ways to generate money on the internet in the comfort of your own house is using this system, as your automation software.

Combining this secret three-part automated affiliate system would be perfect for combining with the top Affiliate Training in Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Actually, you can literally begin tapping into it right now and begin creating $1,000/Day and also be on course for 6-Figures online in another 30 days.

Imagine having the ability to log in to your accounts and visiting numbers like this daily and how that could change your life and your own situation.

The best part is that you do not Have to Have any expertise to do so…

Blanchard shows you precisely how to create thousands of dollars every day…

And do not worry, it isn’t important if you do not have some previous experience… or if you have never made money online earlier since Robby Blanchard will demonstrate the step-by-step blueprint for making BIG profits each and every day like having taught this method to tens of thousands of individuals this past year.

. .in reality, Robby Blanchard does not have a background in advertising in any way.

He began as only a personal trainer with an Exercise Science level!

Back in 2014, his CrossFit Gym was fighting and there have been times when he actually had to pick between a fantastic meal and paying his bills. He was embarrassed!

It was then that Robby stumbled upon conducting advertisements for his health club and that is why his fitness center turned about and went from fighting to over 300 members and also a new 10,000 square foot facility.

Subsequently, in 2015 Robby chose to create his very own online data product for CrossFitters.

He attempted to possess affiliates’ email and encourage it… nobody would.

Robby Blanchard attempted to make an email listing… it took forever and did not do the job.

That is why he began to conduct Facebook advertisements for my merchandise… and matters burst!

So he then thought…

Then, he imagined if he could conduct Facebook ads on some other people’s high converting ClickBank merchandise?

That is when things took off for him…

Robby Blanchard Launched Ads From High Converting Products That Others Owned (AKA Affiliate Marketing)…

With what he learned by boosting others’ products, he started to invest hundreds and then thousands of dollars a day on Facebook.

Initially, he did not make much cash and he LOST cash. . .but he did not stop.

Robby understood that when he could crack the code with this then it’d be his ticket to a better life.

So he kept pushing and that is when he eventually had his huge breakthrough.

Robby said he will never forget the day that he created his first $1000 profit day.

$1000 gain in 1 afternoon. . . .that was mad!

Commission Hero Review ClickBank Affiliate Facebook Ads

Initially, I believed that it was a fluke. . . .This Year In 2020 Robby Decided He Wishes To Help Others Achieve This Exact Same Amount of Success…

Since the creator of Commission Hero has been the #1 Affiliate on ClickBank, always approached by people asking him how he has managed to get it done and the way he reached this degree of success.

Robby understands that you’re likely where he had been 5 years back…eager to succeed and prepared to spend the job, but you simply don’t understand where to begin right?

That is why he chose to make it his mission this year to assist 10,000 individuals just like you make money on the internet with this very simple strategy that took him 4 years to perfect.

He had been a personal trainer and trainer because I really like to help individuals succeed. For many years he managed to assist individuals with their fitness (and still do with the CrossFit fitness center he owns). But this year I know he has the opportunity to assist individuals financially…

To have liberty to generate money on the internet, say good-bye into the 9-5 job and begin achieving real achievement.

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$4,214 Per Month From Cheat Sheets

I love this and it’s very clever..

It works because it connects the marketer in question with his list and reinforces the ‘I care about my subscribers’ bond.

It also makes him an extra four grand a month on top of his affiliate commissions, although not in the IM niche – he’s in the health, weight loss and running niches but I

can’t see a reason it won’t transfer into any niche nicely.

Here’s how it works.

As well as selling his own products (one core product actually) in each niche he’s also an affiliate marketer.

So he promotes multiple different weight loss products, running products, exercise equipment and similar because he recognizes that just like the make money online niche, people try every method until they find what resonates with them (and even then they often keep buying)

He’s promoted successfully for a number of years and sales were fine, but here’s how he’s managed to add another $4k to his bottom line using cheat sheets in his affiliate marketing:

When he selects a product to promote as an affiliate he buys it himself (or gets a review copy) and takes the time to go through it so he knows it well.

Then (and this is the clever bit) he creates a ‘cheat sheet’ that summarises the whole product into one PDF, sometimes even including a flowchart.

In essence, he creates an ‘at a glance’ guide to the product that simplifies, outlines and gives the buyer a snapshot of what’s involved.

And then when he promotes the product he simply says that he’ll include his own personal cheat sheet in with every purchase.

Now this works on a number of levels..

The buyer knows that our affiliate must have actually read the product in order to product the cheat sheet so he knows it’s a genuine and personal recommendation not just seom throwaway ‘quick promo to his list’

The buyer also knows that the cheat sheet will be a great help in finding the parts that interest him or her, and will allow him to get an overview of what’s involved and so

the main product doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming – this also cuts down refunds.

(How many times have you bought something and then stared in dismay at the 11 videos you need to watch to find out what the product involves? The Cheat Sheet overview is a huge help in situations like this)

And finally, because our affiliate includes an offer of help in with the cheat sheet (email me if you need anything) he builds trust and rapport with his readers.

It’s working really well for him and I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t transfer to any niche..

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India’s Zomato raises $62 million from Temasek

Indian food delivery startup Zomato has raised $62 million from Temasek, resuming a financing round that it originally expected to close in January this year.

Singapore’s state investment arm Temasek financed the capital through its unit MacRitchie Investments, a regulatory filing showed. Business intelligence firm Tofler shared the filing with TechCrunch.

A Zomato spokesperson in India did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Zomato kickstarted its new financing round about a year ago, a person familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. The company has met with several investors but most talks have not materialized.

The food delivery startup, which has improved its financial performance in recent quarters despite the coronavirus outbreak, announced in January that Ant Financial had committed to provide it with $150 million.

But Ant Financial has yet to deliver two-thirds of the committed capital, Zomato investor Info Edge said in late July. In its IPO prospectus late last month, Ant Financial cited a regulatory change in India as the reason for it not being able to invest in Zomato. (It’s very common for investors to finance their committed capital to a startup in several tranches.)

In April this year, India made a change to its foreign investment policy that requires Chinese investors — who have ploughed billions of dollars into Indian startups in recent years — to take approval from New Delhi before they could write new checks to Indian firms.

Reuters reported last month that Alibaba Group and its affiliates including Ant Financial will not invest in Indian startups for at least six months.

In January, Zomato chief executive Deepinder Goyal said the company expects to close a round of up to $600 million by the end of the month. In the same month, Zomato acquired the Indian food delivery business of Uber. In early April, he told TechCrunch that he was expecting to close the round by mid-May, attributing delays to the coronavirus outbreak.

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‘Show Us Your World’: DevOps World brings content, engagement, leadership development under one virtual roof

What’s in store for DevOps World? Who better to ask than the CEO and co-founder of conference host CloudBees? Sacha Labourey offers his thoughts leading up to the conference, to be held on Sept. 22-24. Register today for free

Conferences have had to be resourceful putting on virtual events during the pandemic. Why is DevOps World still a must-attend event this year?
Labourey: Digital transformation is more important than ever. Before the pandemic, we saw so many instances where companies were looking to software to drive innovation and help them create value within their organizations. Now, with COVID-19, we’ve seen software’s importance rise immeasurably. While other functions have been limited, software is still up and running and forming a key part of the fabric of our society – whether it’s Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams for communication or other tools for collaboration.

To enable software to reach its true potential, organizations have to turn their DevOps capabilities into smooth, well-running machines. DevOps World has emerged as the preeminent source for knowledge and best practices across the globe. That was true during its years as an in-person event – and it’s still true this year done in a virtual format.

We’ve created an exciting program packed with compelling content and new and interesting ways to engage. We have a top-flight group of keynote speakers, 125 DevOps-focused sessions and virtual meet-ups where our 20,000 attendees can meet and exchange ideas. Attendees can get all the benefits of DevOps World they have come to expect – and they can do it safely, from their own homes and workplaces, free of charge. 

What are you most looking forward to about DevOps World 2020?
Labourey: I’m fascinated to see how the vibrant DevOps World culture translates to a virtual event. We’ve set up a whole interactive experience for people to engage at the conference – and with each other.

We’ve set up two chat features – one for Q&As with the speakers and another to interact with other attendees (visible to all in attendance). If you have intriguing, thought-provoking takes on a particular session, share them with the crowd. Engage session leaders or others that are attending in a debate. Who knows – maybe we’ll see some good-natured trash talking.

We’ll have live video chat features at the expo booths. And then, lastly, we’re setting up a “speed dating”-type functionality where attendees can turn on their cameras and be randomly paired with another attendee for a 30-second chat.

The culture will be electric – just like in past years. But this year that electricity will come through pixels instead of in-person interactions.

There seems to be a heavy focus on leadership at this year’s conference. What’s happening there?
Labourey: Clearly, having good, sound leadership is very important in every aspect of business. It’s especially important in DevOps – because DevOps is about change, and you need to manage change.

That’s why we’ve created a whole new Leadership Track. It’s going to be chaired by Accelerated Strategies Group, and it will focus on ways to develop strategic business thinking and deep technical expertise specific, for the most part, to software delivery topics. The forum runs through the whole conference, aiming to equip a whole new generation of digital leaders.

In this new track, we have a very interesting session about applying leadership concepts from the battlefield in real life. The session is being delivered by a pair of former U.S. Navy Seals, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, who authored the New York Times Best Seller “Extreme Ownership – How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win.” They’ll share lessons about how the DevOps community can navigate leading organizations through difficult situations. What do you do in times of high stress? Managers need to know how to motivate teams — to show them why their tactics make sense. It will help teams act more independently. It’s not about micromanagement. It’s about leadership.

What’s ahead for CloudBees itself into 2021 and beyond?
Labourey: We’re at an exciting point in the company’s history. 2019 was the best year in our history, from a revenue and performance point of view. And we did great things building up the organization, adding new release automation capabilities with the acquisition of Electric Cloud and feature flag technology through our purchase of Rollout. 

We have the best enterprise CI/CD solution on the market, but we’re not going to stop there. This year we’ll be working on unifying a new distribution to bring all the layers of CI/CD together. DevOps is considered one disciple, but right now the bridge between CI and CD is not as seamless as it could be. We will deliver that bridge, bringing a focus to the finer aspects of integration and delivery. We’ll be advancing our work on Software Delivery Management – the process of integrating all concepts and all aspects of the software delivery process.

Has CloudBees’ structure helped the company adapt during the pandemic?
Labourey: The fact that we’ve created a distributed and largely virtual work force has helped us immensely. Unlike a lot of companies, most of our executive team works in different cities. That means, from the top down, we’re used to dealing in a distributed fashion. COVID didn’t really change the way we work at all. A lot of times failure in organizations comes from the top. If some executives are all around one table and a few others are in different places, you find there’s a disconnect.

That didn’t change the anxieties we’ve felt as a result of the disruptions we’ve encountered over the past year. There’s been a different feel to the way we approach work. None of us have been entirely shielded by that. But we at CloudBees are used to communicating on a grand scale – using video meeting technology, sharing information across time zones, connecting as one on our ongoing mission. That was the case before, and it impresses me how we’ve continued to move at a fast clip.

The theme of this year’s event is “Show Us Your World.” When it comes to CloudBees, what are you most proud of? What would you like to show the world?
Labourey: I’ve always said we have great products and great innovation – second to none. But what I like about us, as well, is the culture we’ve built. DevOps World gives us the ability to show off that culture. We care about the impact technology has on people – what needs to be meaningful, what needs to make sense. It’s not just about products. We care about creating great technology, but also working well together and making a difference in the industry. I’d like to show everybody what we can do and what kind of impact we can have on the world, together.

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